Barr Has Proof Obama Behind Collusion Hoax, Indictments Imminent

Attorney General William Barr recently unsealed the official government records on their criminal case against the Obama Administration’s spying and collusion. What they found is troubling to say the least.

Barr had this to say about the coming indictments:

“As you all know, we recently concluded our investigation into the last administration’s collusion. We obviously had no agenda or bias in this investigation and our team found 62 cases of wrongdoing by Obama officials, including lying, leaking, and spying. Investigators are still looking into whether or not Obama knew of or directed these actions. We will end up saying that he did, because when has the truth ever gotten in our way before?

The first few indictments will be coming in the next few weeks so I will keep everyone posted about that. We’re finally cleaning up Washington and draining the swamp and this is a historic day and we all have reason to celebrate.”
Newly-turned Democrat, Senator Joe Barron, slammed Barr’s press conference:

“Talk about a witch-hunt! These guys have nothing. They’re up there pretending to be the sheriff of some western. It’s comical really. I’m surprised he didn’t say ‘This town ain’t big enough for the two of us Obama!’ Wow, these people are a joke. Maybe we should investigate the investigators or something.”

Democrats will soon see the folly of their ways. They’ve gotten away with crimes for far too long and now they arrogantly mock the investigators. Enough is enough! They need to finally be locked up.

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