BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Wants Americans To Wear Traditional Muslim Coverings To Avoid Spreading Virus

America is a Christian Nation. We are allowed to dress however we see fit, it has at no other time been recommended that Americans wear Muslamic attire. It is hostile to us loyalists, and it won’t be permitted right now. We are burnt out on different religions continually being affronted.

Ilhan Omar evidently couldn’t care less. She ventured to such an extreme as proposing that all Americans wear her Muslamic dress. This is the thing that she said in her own words:

“This is a genuine emergency. I think Americans should be mindful and do their part to help stop the spread of this plague. I propose that all Americans wear a burqa and full covers. This will adequately shield the germs from spreading.

I think that its interesting how Americans have consistently been against face covers for Muslims, yet now they all have scarves and covers folded over their appearances. Indeed, even Trump recommended it! It’s practically similar to they are scoundrels or something.”

Republican Joe Barron scrutinized Omar’s comments:

“See, this is a Christian Nation so we won’t have any of that Muslamic jabber here. In the event that the malady spreads, than so be it. In any event we will have gone out as free Americans. We won’t wear any covers. That is all.

In the event that they need to wear those things, they can do that. They simply need to return to their own nation first. We are a free nation and won’t have that swarming our convictions.”

It’s acceptable to see Senator Barron going to bat for what is correct. It is critical to the point that we vote out these un-American Democrats and reestablish our eighteenth century lifestyle.

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