Daily News : Malia Obama Cashes $1.2 million Tax Refund Check

Malia Obama cashed a check for $1.2 million. Where the heck did she get it?

According to one person, she must have stolen it. According to someone else, she must have sold stuff she stole from the White House. And another guy thinks she probably sells drugs.

What we do know is that the Amscott location in Harvard Square, which is known to carry cash in the millions to appease the local rich kids, handed Malia Obama — a college student with no job — a bag with a million in cash.

According to her parents, the story is a lie. Obama family spokesman, Art Tubolls, says:

“The first thing to remember is that this never happened. It’s an unsubstantiated report from an irreputable source. Maybe read the real news or something.”

What the heck would an Obama spokesman know about real news? They sold us a Kenyan woman as President for 8 years. The time has come for people to open their eyes and see that these stories are just as real as they sound.

President Trump has worked hard to make sure we get the truth the way we like it and the way he sees it and not some liberal lie watered down with their tears. Now isn’t the time to stray, amirite?

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