Democrats Are Heavily Pushing For Another Obama Presidency

It has been plastered over liberal news media for weeks now – the next Vice President of the United States – Michelle Obama. It has gotten excessive, and Joe Biden seems to be pushing for it. The only one who seems opposed, or at least not confident, is former senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

The Democrats seem to believe that having Michelle Obama come in as Vice President under Biden may attract the Clinton voters from 2016 who may not have been willing to support Biden before. Well, a message for those Democrats – Hillary lost in 2016, and if all your voters can’t rally around one candidate, well…good luck.

It appears that other potential VP names such as Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar may be out of the mix. Senator Bernie Sanders, after finally giving his endorsement to Biden, is not likely either, as Biden has stated he will be selecting a female VP.

And there’s the fact that, you know, Biden himself said “I’d take her in a heartbeat“.

This is what the Democrats wanted all along. Barack couldn’t run again, obviously. Michelle doesn’t have the experience to run as the President – but has just enough in name recognition and celebrity status to squeeze in as Vice President.

Remember, a vote for Biden is just another vote for Obama – it will be the same exact presidency all over again, should he become victorious come November.

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