Fact Check: Ocasio-Cortez And Omar Vow To Remove Senior’s ‘Entitlements’, Social Security/Medicare…

Young newcomers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist, and Ilhan Omar, the Muslim, have an inspiration. They intend to swindle our most significant age by removing from them everything that we have earned consistently. They don’t work for the improvement of the nation. They simply pay uncommon psyche to themselves.

The two held a joint inquiry and answer meeting yesterday to report their plan to remove from senior inhabitants what they named “capabilities, for instance, Social Security and Medicare. Omar gave her nonattendance of class and appreciation of how America capacities when she wandered up to the mouthpiece.

“America is for the young. It is the youngsters of this country that work to make it phenomenal. They are profitable and charge paying. They contribute… ..not in any way like our senior inhabitants who simply take. Retirees are dead weight.”

That talk tended to Omar’s disappointment or hesitance to adjust to American culture. In Somalia, where she is from, seniors are ousted and left to battle for themselves in the wild, where they after a short incredible. It shows up she needs the identical to happen here.

Cortez, clearly, expected to offer her info, which is all her mind is worth :

“In socialism, we work to profit the framework. The whole issues more than the individu

al. People make atonements.

Government inability and Medicare cost America a few billions of dollars reliably. Besides, for what? Fora heap of downers with nothing left to give. That money would be far unrivaled spent on low compensation housing and government assistance for the youths of America who basically need a bit of leeway.”

If these two genuinely think President Trump would allow them to pull this off, they’re more prominent boneheads than we’ve anytime suspected. Trump swore never to contact Social Security or Medicare and he is a man of his announcement.

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