Harrison Ford Calls Trump A ‘Son Of A B*Tch’ While Promoting Disney Movie

Harrison Ford has gone from destroying America to destroying its leader. The on-screen character showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night to advance his new Disney motion picture Call of the Wild and called President Donald Trump a “bastard.”

Kimmel held up a phony special publication demonstrating counterfeit surveys for Ford’s new film. The surveys were ascribed to Donald Trump. One of them read, “It was an ideal call,” which suggests how President Trump portrayed his call the previous summer with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a call that practically started the Democrats’ denunciation battle to expel the president.

“That is the primary thing that bastard has accomplished for me — ever,” Ford said as the crowd howled uncontrollably.

Passage’s late-night swipe at Trump comes only days after the Star Wars star pummeled America in Mexico City while advancing his new Disney film.

“Our situation on the planet is questionable due to our absence of good authority, essentially,” Ford said. “I positively cheer Greta [Thunberg]… her activism, her job in speaking to the interests of youngsters, and I appreciate her mental fortitude, her courage, and furthermore respect her ability to communicate.”

“Science is being disparaged by individuals in ideological campsites,” Ford said. “They are declining the insight, the control of science, for a political perspective. What’s more, that needs to stop. What’s more, I accept youngsters all through the world realize that it needs to stop and are proficient and ready to cause the penances to make that to occur.”

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