House Democrats Move to Remove National Anthem from Sporting Events

The Star-Spangled Banner is America’s song. It represents us all, regardless of our skin color, beliefs, or political leanings. This is why it is shocking to hear that House Democrats moved to hold a vote on removing the national anthem before sporting events, citing its offensiveness to people from other countries.

The bill is expected to easily pass as all professional sports events have been suspended indefinitely.

Ilhan Omar says the move was inspired by professional kneeler Colin Kaepernick. She says he spoke to her recently and inspired her to act:

“We had a meeting with Colin Kaepernick a few weeks ago and he talked to us about criminal justice reform and ways we can help. He suggested that we should ban the national anthem before football games since it offends so many people.

We are taking his advice because we respect the wishes of people with other beliefs. We will have the national anthem banned. It’s not representative of America.”

Republicans are not having it. They are riled up over this news. Senator Joe Barron issued this statement:

“We will not allow this nonsense to go forward. The national anthem is very relevant to sporting events. It should be said thrice a day in fact. We will be pushing a bill to make it mandatory to be sung at all schools and workplaces in the nation thrice daily. The song represents freedom, so we will require it. It’s mandatory.”

It’s good to see at least some in Congress are looking out for the rights of real Americans. If these Democrats are offended by America, then maybe they should pack their bags. There are many Americans willing to help them pack.

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