Pelosi Accused of Withholding Relief unless It Has “Left-Wing Strings Attached”


After several weeks of trying to gain political benefits using the current coronavirus crisis, Democrats continue to suggest new measures to push their political agenda.

A few days ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was accused by GOP National Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington of withholding relief package “unless it had left-wing strings attached,” Pelosi said when she was invited to CNN’s Newsroom on Tuesday.

“The Trump admin is working around the clock to get the relief that Pelosi delayed into the hands of small businesses And what does she do? Threaten to withhold more relief unless it has left-wing strings attached. It’s always politics with her!” claimed Harrington.

It is difficult to understand exactly what “left-wing strings” means, but Pelosi was likely referring to a series of social measures unrelated to the current coronavirus crisis.

Later, Harrington stated: “We don’t know so much about who is being served, who is being underserved – It’s small businesses! Less than 500 employees. What is she talking about? All she wants to do is play identity politics during a pandemic.

All this is happening in a week in which the Washington Post has just unveiled that, due to the delays caused by the Democrats’ efforts to include their own social measures into the relief package, approximately 6.6 million people lost their jobs during the week of March 23 to the 27.

The bill was supposed to be passed by the Senate on March 23, following negotiations between the two parties that finally ended on March 22. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after arriving in Washington D.C. from San Francisco, refused to accept the agreement reached – and proceeded to introduce her own measures into the package.

Following this, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) helped Pelosi by hampering the Senate’s efforts to pass the relief package.

Among the demands introduced by Pelosi, were the establishment of a “ballot harvesting”; new emissions standards for airlines; money for Planned Parenthood; new solar and wind energy tax credits; and many other ‘gifts’ to Dems’ favored special interest groups.

President Trump’s admin. had been trying to get Congress to approve a relief package to mitigate economic damage from the COVID-19 outbreak since President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office on March 11. The delays by Democrats caused millions of businesses across the country to close their doors or stop paying their workers.

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