Romney The RINO Stabs Trump In The Back… Again

if you’re anything like most conservatives in the country…

You’re probably wondering why Mitt Romney hasn’t just switched parties yet.

This man is an absolute failure in politics…

After getting TROUNCED by Obama in 2012 (he was the Right’s version of Joe Biden: vanilla without much substance, but with a little more higher brain function), he tucked his tail and disappeared into obscurity for a few years.

He popped back up again in the 2016 GOP primaries, only to get trounced by Trump…

So, Mitt tucked tail again and skittered back to his new palatial home in Utah. It was clear to everybody that national politics wasn’t going to be his thing.

However, this didn’t stop Mitt from running for Senate in his NEW state (Utah being his NEW home, since he was the governor of Massachusetts and then lived in California for a time) when the spot was left open by retiring long-time Senator Orin Hatch.

It seems Ol’ Mitt will just go anywhere that will allow him to slide into a position of power – and it seems like Utah’s senate seat was the biggest power vacuum that he could find.
Of course, even with Orin being a conservative stalwart, Mitt didn’t have an easy path to the Senate, and he had to call on the help of Donald Trump to get him there in 2018, begging “like a dog” for the president’s help.

After Begging For Help, Mitt Does The Unthinkable
Of course, Trump helped…

And how was he repaid? With a scathing op-ed by written by Romney, followed by the ULTIMATE stab in the back – his voting IN FAVOR of the president’s impeachment in the DNC’s coup attempt in February.

Mitt is now the most infamous RINO there is…

All the Dems have to do to make something look “bipartisan” and he’ll sign onto anything they ask him to. Let’s just hope the fine folks of Utah remember this come 2024.

That being said…

Are you surprised that Mitt tried to stab our president in the back again by teaming with a Senate Dem in sending a threat to the president in order to get him to comply with their THRID coup attempt?

Probably not…

But seeing as the Dems did EXACTLY what Trump said they would do by weaponizing the pandemic, these idiots are now trying to investigate Trump for his response to the Wuhan virus…

And Mitt’s letter is meant to get him to comply with their investigation.

Mitt’s “Bipartisan” Threat To President
Teaming with DNC Senator Jon Tester, Mitt’s letter stated, “With trillions of taxpayer dollars being spent, it is critically important for the Administration to ensure full transparency and willingness for independent oversight.”

What? How has there not been transparency and oversight when all Trump did was sign the bill?! It was the House and Senate that came up with it…

The president simply signed it into action.

Seriously, can you get any more ridiculous than that?

But it doesn’t stop there. The letter also says, “As you work to implement COVID-19 legislation, we ask that you provide Congress a detailed plan on how the government plans to execute these funds and what accountability measures are being put in place to ensure our taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.”

Does Romney NOT know how his own government works?!

This is seriously disturbing because you would expect a man like Mitt Romney to understand that the money has been already promised in the bill.

Think about it…

There are already THREE separate branches of oversight built into the legislation already. What more do we need?

There’s also a special inspector general, a Congressional oversight committee, and a panel of inspectors general known as the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC). What more is Mitt looking for? Well, other than trying to damage the president’s reputation, that is.

This is just another one of Mitt’s RINO tactics, and it’s just another reason why people shouldn’t listen to a word he says.

Mitt wouldn’t know a conservative value if it bit him on the butt…

But what would you expect from a power-hungry, second-generation politician?

“He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.” – Sigmund Freud


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