Schiff Introducing Bill That Allows the President to Be Sued for Slander

It has long been established that the President of the United States has immunity from lawsuits with regard to his public utterances. This has been the law in America since 1769.

This is necessary to protect the office from frivolous actions from the public. If slander suits were to be allowed, Trump’s White House would have to devote nearly all of their energy and cronies to defending in court Trump’s accusations and name-calling of anybody and everybody…. and he has far more important work to do.

The Democrats, and in particular Adam Schiff, are trying to do away with this established rule. Apparently, Schiff was tired of being called “Shifty Schiff.” His feelings were hurt and so he’s out for revenge, wanting to be able to take Trump to court. That’s why it’s being called “The Snowflake Rule“ by Republicans on The Hill.

Schiff has issued a press release, detailing his reasons for the bill’s introduction. A portion of it is below.

“This country has never before seen a president who spreads lies and rumors with such ferocity. A clause that protected the president from slander suits was not designed with him in mind. It’s obvious to anybody right-minded that the clause has become antiquated and requires removal.

My bill would require accountability from the office of the president. No longer would he be able to spread rumors from Info Wars or call people childish names. After we pass this he’ll never be able to call me a liar again. If he does, he will absolutely regret it.“

What a crybaby Adam Schiff is. If you want to serve in a federal office you need to have balls of brass, like President Trump. Schiff initiated a huge lie and then got upset that he was called out for it. What a loser.

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