Squad Blocks 9/11 First Responder Victim’s Fund

President Trump called it, didn’t he? He said they hated America. He said they hate her people, her land, her liberty, her freedom. He told us that the members of “The Squad” – those four evil democrats who are not only socialist, minorities, and liberal, but women of all things – didn’t care about America or anyone in it. President Trump warned us……and he was right.

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The Squad, made up of Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley, yesterday rejected and blocked a bill in the senate that would have seen families of the first responder victims of 9/11 compensated for their losses on that fateful day. Finally, the widows and orphaned little boys and girls, who lost family when they rushed in to help, would have known -financially – that their country hadn’t forgotten and really does care about them.

The four also cut enough of the NASA budget to eliminate everyone’s favorite food truck where senators played astronaut.
The measure had been created through a bipartisan effort over the past year, all at President Trump’s request. It had a huge majority of support from both parties and was guaranteed passage were it not for these four ladies, who used their positions of senate power to prevent the bill from even being read in the upper chamber.

Cortez had this to say:

“Why would we as socialists want to pay out these particular families but but not the other millions of families in America who are also in need?

We wish only to create an America where everyone is more equal. That’s why we’re using our senate seats to stop this elitist bill.”

Approval ratings for all these senatorial women sit at below 10%. Those that voted for them, hate them. We just have to put up with them a little while longer.

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