Trump Bans Corona Beer To Stop Spread Of The Super Virus

Now that the superbug, “coronavirus,” has landed in the USA, our medical practitioners and government employees are taking it very seriously in effort to prevent its further spread within our borders. President Trump is among those in government showing grave concern.

But while all others talk about the virus and how to handle this potential outbreak, President Trump is actually taking action. Quick and decisive, Trump made an announcement today on how he intends to prevent further infection.

“This is a bug. A super bug, actually, they call it. That means it’s bad. Really bad.

And I know what you’re thinking, but you’d be wrong. This isn’t like a caterpillar or a spider. It’s not that kind of bug. Nobody knew that. Nobody. But I’m here to tell you.

This is a virus. It’s a disease. Like a cold or a flu but it can kill you. I won’t let that happen though. I have a plan.

Effective immediately, Corona Beer will no longer be available for sale or consumption in the United States of America. It will be banned indefinitely.

I know, I know… You all love that stuff, but this has to be done to protect all the good citizens of this country.”

President Trump is known for his quick action in times of danger. With this, he has proven to have more knowledge in the medical field than anybody at the CDC. We are lucky to have him.

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