Trump Shuts Down Rude NBC Reporter: “Your Network Called Me Racist Because I Did That”…>bzn<

The media continues to ask the wrong questions in hopes of catching Trump saying something they can turn and then incite Trump into hitting back.

It is tragic to watch. America needs answers and the media is the one who needs to get answers.

Take what happened today – Trump announced a possible breakthrough with an old malaria drug and laid out possible steps we will take to fight the virus.

He explained that Carnival Cruise ships may be used as floating staging areas or hospitals or to quarantine people who need it.

But again the WH reporters failed. Kirsten Welker from NBC was the one today who made a mockery of her profession.

She asked a useless question about when our lives will go back to normal as if anyone knows or even cares.

Trump explained to Kristen that we could have stopped this – Trump was talking about China.

He explained (in a diplomatic way that went over Welker’s head) China lied and they buried the truth.

They hid the truth from the entire world while letting the virus spread – the first cases In America were from people who traveled to Wuhan and came back before Trump put the travel ban in place at the end of January.

And the whole time China was complaining about any country that instituted travel bans was racist. And most countries followed Trump.

The media helped China by calling Trump a racist.

Welker tried to get smart and tried to turn China’s lying to the world into Trump’s fault,

“Mr. President, if you say you knew it was a pandemic all along, why wasn’t the administration fully prepared?”

“The only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media. I called for a ban on people coming in from China. It was your network, I believe, they called me a racist because I did that.”

That is how you shut down entertainment reporters masquerading as White House reporters.

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